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Cadet 2004
is a professional software system which allows you to create, edit and spell check text in AutoCAD and IntelliCAD drawings. With Cadet's word processing abilities, ordinary AutoCAD and IntelliCAD text becomes easier to edit and format than MText. Cadet can create and edit text tables and drawing notes, will edit attributes as easily as text. Cadet also edits ordinary text within blocks and constant attributes, including those in bound X-Ref drawings.

Other Cadet utilities for AutoCAD and IntelliCAD allow you to import and export text and text tables, change text justifications, align crooked text columns, add to existing text, set text defaults by pick, and enter multiple text lines at any spacing.

The Cadet editor is a full-featured text editor with a familiar Windows interface, capable of handling any size file or any number of drawing text entities which can fit in memory. Cadet's many word processing features include search and replace, cut and paste, word wrap, automatic indentation, and an integrated spelling checker.

Now in its sixth generation, Cadet has been setting the standard for CAD text editing for over 16 years! The all new Cadet 2004 works with AutoCAD R14, 2000 and up plus vertical products (Cadet is not for AutoCAD LT), and IntelliCAD 4 and up on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.

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Cadet is a product of Wasco Technical Software.

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