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on Cadet 2004, "The CAD Text Editor" can be found on this page, but the best way to become acquainted is to download and evaluate the free trial version!
Installation and setup of Cadet has never been easier. Simply check the AutoCAD and IntelliCAD products and profiles that Cadet will be installed to.

Cadet recognizes all AutoCAD based products from R14 through 2008 and up, and IntelliCAD 4 and up.
Cadet 2004 is four editors in one, capable of creating new AutoCAD/IntelliCAD text, editing existing AutoCAD/IntelliCAD text, and makes a handy general-purpose text file editor.

Table Editing

Cadet Create Table, Cadet Edit Table
Notes Editing Cadet Notes, Cadet Edit Notes
Mixed Editing Cadet Edit, Cadet Edit Attributes, and Cadet Edit Global
File Editing Cadet External File, Cadet run directly from Windows
With Cadet's word processing abilities, ordinary AutoCAD and IntelliCAD text becomes easier to edit and format than multi-line Mtext.

Just one click converts text lines into paragraphs for editing with live word wrap and reformatting. Cadet's ruler makes it easy to change the indentations and margins individually or collectively. Cadet automatically converts paragraphs back to individual test entities in the drawing.

Cadet 2004 has the ability to display text using Windows fonts equivalent to those in the drawing. For substitutions, AutoCAD's and IntelliCAD's FONTMAP is honored, and Cadet provides its own font mapping to give you maximum flexibility, even when using your own custom or third-party fonts.
Cadet has all the features you should expect from a text editor; search and replace, cut and paste, text case reformatting, auto-indentation, smart tabs, bookmarks, selection drag and drop, full undo and redo capabilities, and a user customizable spell checker equipped with a 112,000 word dictionary.

Extensive configuration and options choices allows users to customize Cadet 2004 to individual tastes.

Cadet 2004 is the perfect companion to AutoCAD and IntelliCAD, and is suitable for all disciplines of engineering, design and drafting; mechanical, architectural, civil, electronics, piping... Any AutoCAD or IntelliCAD drawing with text or attributes on it is easier to edit with Cadet!

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