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Cadet 2004   "The CAD Text Editor"

New 2004 Release!  See the Cadet Home Page

With the new Cadet 2004, editing AutoCAD and IntelliCAD text has never been easier! Cadet 2004 is the long awaited 32-bit Windows successor to Cadet 5.0. Although Cadet 2004 has been rewritten from the ground up, it has kept all of the original Cadet's functionality that thousands have come to depend on.

There is new functionality as well, such as real-time reformatting and word-wrap of notes. Formatting works better than ever, because Cadet 2004 displays your AutoCAD and IntelliCAD text with fonts matching those in your drawing. A ruler with 'drag-able' indents and margins and a new, fully customizable toolbar makes editing tasks faster than ever.

Since the improvements are too numerous to describe in detail, we would like you to try it for yourself. The all new Cadet 2004 works with AutoCAD R14 to 2012+ and IntelliCAD 4 & 5 on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7. See the Cadet Home Page for more information and a free trial version!

New 2004 Release!  PurgeDrive software cleans up the proliferation of Pro/ENGINEER files on your hard drives, with the utmost in versatility, safety, scope and speed. If you are using Pro/E, you already know the limitations of its purge program.

PurgeDrive and PurgeDrive Plus take Pro/E file clean-up to a new dimension. Visit the PurgeDrive home page for more information and a free trial copy.


Discontinued products:

ALLY, A Lisp Analyzer

ALLY v3.0a, AutoLISP debugging tools and programmer's workbench is no longer supported. 

HTML Slasher

HTML Slasher is no longer supported.

Cadet 5

Cadet 5 is no longer supported. Answers to some questions about the older version can be found on the Cadet 5 Support Page



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